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Access Control Systems

From single to multi-site and global centralisation, Access Control Systems (ACS) is designed to control access for employees and visitors by utilizing multiple technologies such as swipe cards, proximity cards, PIN entry keypads, sophisticated biometric devices, facial recognition systems security and can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective all-encompassing platform.

Access Control Systems

NetSec provides several different types of network access controls that perform different functions, according to your needs and the level of security required for performing daily functions.

The type of network access control you choose for your home or business depends upon your network configuration and set up. NetSec evaluates the network and its configuration and recommend the correct solution for your business or home.

  • Agent-Based Access Control:

    Operating through the endpoint device (user’s device), this method provides a higher level of security and ensures that the end-user is complying with security policies which, continually operates in the background monitoring security compliance and sending periodic updates to the policy server.

  • Agent less Access Control:

    Not requiring any added installations, this method assesses compliance on both endpoints before the user is allowed to access the network, however the problem with this type of network access control is that authorization is provided through the assessment of network traffic, which makes the application easier to exploit to gain unauthorized access to the network system.

  • Hardware-Based Access Control:

    Working through an controller (installed on the network and functioning in conjunction with the network traffic), this method requires changes in the infrastructure and operational practices to allow for defined access by the end user. Because implementation requires significant server configuration changes, the chances of failure are greater than other network access control systems.

  • Dynamic Access Control:

    Easiest by far of all methods is the Dynamic method, because the system does not require any installation or changes in the network configuration. Instead it works on specific computers that are connected to a local area network and are considered to be trusted systems. When an unauthorized user attempts to access the network, the trusted systems will restrict access and then communicate the action to the main policy server.

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