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Passionately Empowering People (P-E-P)
This is the attitude that NetSec promotes throughout our business. Each word has value:


Our leadership team are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs. We aim to pass this passion on, to the rest of our team, who aims show the same passion when working with our clients.


Instead of following an autocratic organisational structure, we empower our staff to be ‘self-managed’. We display this attitude to our clients as well, the more clients we can empower, the better.


To us it’s all about people. We believe that our team is key to the success of the business and that clients are the ‘game-changers’ in any economy.

About Us

Who We Are

NetSec Technologies (Pty) Ltd. established in 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa, provide high-level Security Systems, Specialized Security Solutions, Managed Security Services and integrated solutions, Audio Visual Systems, IT & Telecommunications and bespoke ICT services for commercial, educational, residential, security estate and industrial sectors throughout Southern Africa. Our internal resources are supplemented with strategically selected ‘best-of-breed’ business partners and vendors. NetSec Technologies’ world-class service is provided by experienced security specialists, design engineers, service and maintenance professionals.

What We Do

We provide clients with a smooth, all-encompassing service experience, maintaining a core team of technical excellence, as a result our customers receive a strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state-of-the-art technology, delivered within budget and the agreed time frame. Our core strength, is based on NetSec Technologies’ investing in its assets, so your people and your assets are protected.

NetSec provides computer network solutions and services that maximize business productivity, and reduce the risks associated with deploying new technologies, as well as to minimise the total cost of ownership. In the market of leading-edge technology, change is a constant. The way a company adapts and exploit those changes, differentiates it from its competitors. Innovation and productivity are two key attributes for success and development, therefore these characteristics have helped shape NetSec Technologies’ modern infrastructure and skill set meeting the demands of our customers and partners. We are committed to developing a unique culture of partnering with clients and suppliers, making innovations a way of life and adapting when change is required.

NetSec differs from its competitors, not only with the various services it offers but also, an ongoing commitment to exceeding customer expectations and service delivery excellence. Our sales team is especially trained to find new projects, these in turn, are accomplished by our efficient team of service engineers and technicians, who carefully build each project around the client’s expectations and physical architecture, providing positive feedback on each build.

We follow a strict program, specific to each site, including but not limited to, selecting appropriate places to install our equipment, rather than leaving those decisions to the customers, considering factors such as “ease of access” and functionality. We strive to understand your needs and act appropriately as well as advising you, which installation process is  more cost effective, without compromising on quality and integrity. We provide the best quality products at a very affordable price.


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